Updates to JEFF #5 - Tuesday, 13 October 2020

We listen and improve to give you the best possible experience we can. Here are some updates.

What’s New

  • New: 1-on-1 clients can now see a two week view of their upcoming workouts. Look ahead and ask your coach any questions about what’s to come.
  • New: Reseting and retrieving your forgotten password is a lot easier than before. 
  • New: Due to popular demand, our live workout schedule has shifted to the morning. You can still watch the replay any time of day.


  • Fixed: Your monthly dots will now add up correctly on your progress page. For some strange reason, the last day of the month thought it was part of the next month. 
  • Fixed: 1-on-1 clients starting a new week won’t ever see a week full of completed workouts ahead of them. That bug has officially been gently coaxed out of the house for good.