How to earn Vitality points by doing JEFF workouts

Whether you’re on JEFF Life or on 1-on-1 Coaching, you can earn 50 Vitality points per day by doing JEFF workouts. For special Vitality events, you can earn up to 300 Vitality points regardless of whether you are signed up with JEFF or not.

How to earn 50 Vitality points per day by doing JEFF workouts

You must provide your Discovery Vitality identification information by going to 'Menu' → 'Profile' in the JEFF Web App. You’ll only be able to earn points if this information is filled in and saved. You’ll see a green notice on that page if your information has been saved successfully.

To be eligible to earn your Vitality points on a day, from within the JEFF Web App, stream over 30 minutes of HIIT, LIIT, Flow, Dance, Run or 1-on-1 workouts collectively over the day.

If you track your workout activity on a fitness device, usually the points from that activity tracking are often higher than the 50 points earned via the JEFF Web App. In that case, the higher points amount is awarded to you on the day, because Vitality doesn’t add the points up together. The 50 points from the JEFF Web App are for people who aren’t using a fitness device to earn points, or for when you’re not using your fitness device during a JEFF workout.

Discovery will add your Vitality points to your Vitality points tracker in the Discovery app. Points may take a couple of days to reflect. You can get help from Discovery directly about points not reflecting.

To make sure you’re watching in the web app and earning your points, please tap ‘WATCH HERE’ when watching a workout. If you tap ‘WATCH + COMMENT’, you’ll be taken out of the web app into Facebook which won’t earn you the points.

Note: You must be in the JEFF Web App when streaming at least 30 minutes of workouts or guided runs on a day to be eligible. Streaming elsewhere and logging a workout won’t give you the points.

Step 1

Login to the JEFF Web App, and head to your profile. Under "Discovery Vitality", change your settings to "Yes". 

MobileProfileAlreadyOnJEFFLife - 1

Step 2

Fill in the required information so that it can be verified with Vitality. 

MobileProfileAlreadyOnJEFFLife - 2

Step 3

Click “Save” and you should see a green success message. You’ll now be able to earn 50 points per day for doing at least 30 minutes of exercise within the JEFF Web App!

MobileProfileAlreadyOnJEFFLife - 4

Once you’ve activated the Vitality benefits on your Profile in the web app, you’ll need to watch a video within the Web App, or a guided run within the Web App, for at least 30 minutes on a day, and this can be across multiple videos or guided runs. This is in order for Vitality to verify that the workout was done. Watching 1-on-1 workout videos counts. Just logging a workout won’t count to earn the points.

How to earn 300 Vitality points for special Vitality events

  1. Log in to your Vitality profile on the Discovery website. 
  2. Go to the race events page and fill in the event details. 
  3. Select the date. 
  4. Select the correct workout from the 'Race Type' dropdown menu. 
  5. Your ID or passport number will be your race number. 
  6. Upload proof that you attended the workout session. Proof can be a screen grab or a photo showing that you logged in to the session.