Updates to JEFF #1 - Tuesday, 11 August 2020

We listen and improve to give you the best possible experience we can. Here are some updates.

What’s New

  • New: Track your progress towards collecting yellow Mindset dots in the web app. Visit the Progress page (‘Menu’ → ‘Progress’) and you’ll see a big yellow dot with the total number.
  • New: See a list of your past logged sessions in the web app. Visit the Progress page (‘Menu’ → ‘Progress’) and tap on ‘View Activities’. You can edit or delete any of your past logged sessions from there.
  • New: We love talking to you, but self-service help articles can sometimes help you solve your issues faster than getting in touch with us. We’ve just published a batch of articles to our new help centre. Visit help.fitnessfaculty.club/help-centre — we’ll keep adding articles regularly.


  • Fixed: Watching videos inside the web app is now smooth and silky. Sorry about the issues. We’ve added a new streaming platform as an option, so you’ll be able to watch from the comfort of inside the web app.
  • Fixed: Some people found the tabs confusing to switch between doing the session and logging the session in the web app. We made a slight cosmetic adjustment to make things more clear.
  • Fixed: When joining the 1-on-1 plan, some people’s 1-on-1 dashboard wouldn’t show anything! Yup, not great. We’ve fixed that and also made it clear to see if your coach is in the process of updating your plan.
  • Fixed: Accessing guided runs and recipes in the web app was upside down. We’ve made sure that the latest one is always at the top of the list.