Updates to JEFF #2 - Tuesday, 25 August 2020

We listen and improve to give you the best possible experience we can. Here are some updates.

What’s New

  • New: 4PM Low-Impact HIIT sessions have been introduced for those who want less strain on joints and need to be finished working out in time to get the kids ready for bed.
  • New: Little Legends sessions have been added back after much demand at 3PM on Tuesday and Thursday. We’ve already got kiddies jumping off the couch and burning some energy in the comfort of their own homes. Get yours to join in, too!
  • New: You can now log your own activities — one of our most popular requests! Go to ‘Menu’ → ‘Log my activity’. Collecting dots used to be possible only by completing an event from the ‘Schedule’ or completing your 1-on-1 workouts. Now, you can get a dot for completing any activity like cycling, walking, or squash.
  • New: You’ve been asking, and here it is — you can now log multiple sessions on top of the same guided run. Run, run, run!
  • New: Simply submit your support queries and any suggestions directly inside the web app. Go to 'Menu' → 'Help'.
  • New: We know how useful the WhatsApp group notifications are to you, so all the latest groups are available for you to join inside the web app. Go to 'Menu' → ‘WhatsApp Notifications'.


  • Fixed: The fullscreen option for watching videos in the web app disappeared briefly, whoops. Fullscreen returns! We’re glad to tell you that you can enjoy watching the videos on your entire phone screen again.
  • Fixed: The navigation bar at the top was taking up a lot of your screen. We’ve made it narrower.
  • Fixed: The calculation of the big red dot number on the ‘Progress’ page stopped adding up all of a sudden after we made a change. We’ve got that sorted and the mathematics is spot on again.
  • Fixed: Past live cooks and past live runs weren’t showing up where they should have been. They’re back and ready for you to catch up anytime. Go to 'Menu' → ‘Recipes' or 'Menu' → 'Guided Runs'.