Updates to JEFF #4 - Tuesday, 22 September 2020

We listen and improve to give you the best possible experience we can. Here are some updates.

What’s New

  • New: Nutrition logging, yes, the missing piece in the web app! Every day, you can go to our live schedule to log if you’ve followed the JEFF Nutrition Principles. Earn a green dot on days you follow all 5 principles!
  • New: Connect with your local community in our WhatsApp community groups! Go to 'Menu' → 'WhatsApp Groups’ to join from within the web app.
  • New: Runners have been requesting this every week, so we’re delighted to say that you’re able to download any guided run in the web app!


  • Fixed: Many of the support queries we received had the same solution — adjusting the date of completion on your logged workout to the correct date. We’ve radically improved the user experience of selecting your date of completion.
  • Fixed: Some people want to log the same session twice. We’ve provided an alert that explains how to log a custom activity to get an extra dot for a repeated workout.
  • Fixed: Navigating back to page one in the ‘Vault’ wouldn’t refresh to page one. Page one is now always page one, so that’s one done.