Updates to JEFF #7 - Tuesday, 15 December 2020

We listen and improve to give you the best possible experience we can. Here are some updates.

What’s New

  • New: 1-on-1 Clients now get faster photo uploads and more visibility! Photos are slightly compressed before upload. So they upload way faster! You’ll see a little preview of the image so you know it’s uploaded and it’s the correct image.
  • New: See the location of all the live classes. Tap through to a live class to see a map of the location.
  • New: Page name changes in the navigation → Live Classes (previously Schedule), On-Demand Classes (previously Vault), Audio Classes (previously Guided Runs). 
  • New: Filter audio classes by run and walk and also by coach.
  • New: Earn points with Discovery Vitality! Go to 'Menu' → 'Profile' to link your Vitality account and start earning points.
  • New: When completing your first workout in the web app, you’re awarded a ‘1st Workout Badge’!
  • New: Get easy access to the Help Centre simply by going to 'Menu' → 'Help'.
  • New: Find out more about earning rewards points by going to 'Menu' → 'Earn Rewards Points'
  • New: See a list of upcoming and past events. Go to 'Menu' → 'Events'.
  • New: Register for run events from within the web app. Go to the event and tap the ‘Register Now’ button.


  • Fixed: Some JEFFers noticed their dots weren’t showing on Mondays. We’ve sorted that out and Mondays are better for it!
  • Fixed: If you got the ‘12 Days of JEFFmas Badge’ a bit earlier than expected, that must have felt like JEFFmas came early! Unfortunately, that was too soon, and we’ve made sure you’re back to earning the ‘12 Days of JEFFmas Badge’ over the 12 days again.