Updates to JEFF #9 - Tuesday, 23 February 2021

We listen and improve to give you the best possible experience we can. Here are some updates.

What’s New

  • New: Your challenge workouts now show up at the top of your schedule if you’re on a challenge. You can see the days counting along at the top, and get access to exactly what you need to do on each day of your challenge. Boom!  
  • New: You can set up your own community fitness event and exercise with other JEFFers either in person or virtually through a video call. Do a run or walk together, or use the Saturday morning workout to get together with fellow JEFFers for a social session. Go to 'Menu' → 'Community Fitness'.
  • New: Measure yourself, take photos, and track your progress! You now have the tools to see how you’re doing over time. Go to 'Menu' → 'Progress' to add a check-in!
  • New: Do you love stats as much as we do?! Along with your dots, you can now see all your overall stats for your week, month, year, and all time by going to 'Menu' → 'Activity'.


  • Fixed: Announcements in the web app used to take up a lot of your screen if you were using a tablet or laptop. Now the announcements are discreet and a manageable size. 
  • Fixed: Audio classes had a settings menu that didn’t have any useful options inside it. To avoid confusion or frustration, we’ve removed that settings menu and just have the playback controls available.
  • Fixed: Resetting a forgotten password was sometimes tricky if you were currently logged in. We’ve made it easier to reset your password however you try to do it or whichever device you use.
  • Fixed: ‘Log My Activity’ used to spin and load and make it difficult to log activity you did outside of the web app. No more! You can now log as much activity as you like, anytime, anywhere, always.